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Blue Rose Hungarian restaurant

Hungarian meals and drinks right next to the Synagogue. The restaurant is a traditional Hungarian second-class eating-place, one of the cheapest restaurants in the city. In the broad food-selection do of course lot of international foods belong as well. Beside the eternal valid menu the daily offer needs advertence as well, in which we would like to agree with the different taste worlds. From most of the courses putting half portions together is also possible but the kitchen is only open until 9 PM.

The company does not operate on local delivery, but ordering everything from the menu to take away is possible and that food can be packed on request. The accessibility of the restaurant is really simple – its distance from two main roads is only a few meters – but parking is many times a difficult task in the city. Paying is at the moment only possible in cash but except Hungarian forint euro and American dollar are accepted. The ATM is in a distance of 50 m. In the three separable rooms – which are air-conditioned – can be eighty guests at the same time accepted. Under our regular guests we also have circles of friends and workplace collectives, from which one of the oldest is the Mensa Hungarian association. One of our rooms is of course always for non-smokers reserved. All three, in Hungary existing general meal tickets and for warm foods available tickets are accepted. Everybody is expected with love – everybody must be convinced: the restaurant is not accidentally full on most of the days in a year.

Address: VIII. Blaha Lujza square 1-2., Corvin Dept. Store, entry from Somogyi Béla street
Phone: +36 20 77 22 984
E-mail: corvinteto@corvinteto.com

Public Transport Access: Metro 2 Blaha Lujza Ter or by tram 4 & 6
Opening hours: every day from 6pm-5am