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Cucina the Italian kitchen

Special for this renewed Italian restaurant in the hearth of Budapest is the possibility to seat at the terrace during the warm and sunny days while having a great Italian lunch or dinner.
La Cucina is located on the Váci utca, the renowned Hungarian shopping street and therefore an ideal place to sit down and enjoy a meal after shopping in the street. It is one of the restaurant that is most of times full with diners and the food served is of good quality.

The menu offers a wide selection of prosciutto (hams), antipasti, salads, soups, pastas, risottos, meat courses, fish courses, pizzas, desserts and even cakes. So basically everything considered Italian is there for order and cooked the way it should be.

Address: Budapest, Váci utca 20.
Phone: (36-1) 266 4144
E-mail: cucina@lacucina.hu

Public Transport Access: Metro line 1. Vörösmarty tér stop
Metro line 3 and busses 5, 7, 8, 15, 112, 115, 173 and 239. Ferenciek tere stop