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Zöld Pardon

Zöld Pardon is located directly next to the Petöfi bridge and is very popular with the public during the summer period. This is due to the multitude of live concerts by Hungarian bands that play in the evening. It is spacious and aside from the several bars they offer plenty of space to party. The music style ranges from Hip Hop on one dance floor, to Pop music on the other, where more commercial music is being played. The Hungarians refer to Zöld Pardon as ‘ZP’.

The entrance to Zöld Pardon is not free, but the drinks are not pricey either, nor is the food. Be aware that Zöld Pardon is an outside club which is magnificent during the hotter evenings spent in Budapest. It is a good place to share a cold drink and enjoy the local music. The crowd ranges from the younger ones up to those in their forties.

Address: 1117 Budapest, Goldmann György tér, south side
E-mail: alien@zp.hu lien@zp.hu

Public Transport Access: Trams 4 and 6, busses 203 and 212. Get off at the Petőfi híd, budai hídfő station
Opening hours: From 15th April to 11th September every day from 9 am to 6 am