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Artus Theatre

Artus Contemporary Arts Studio is based in a huge, abandoned factory building, with broken windows and no heating, but still, it is an extremely exciting place.
About 30 artists work here on their own and also together, inspiring one another, in tiny studios or in vast factory halls.

This place is above all an artistic community, a laboratory, a theatre and an exhibition space, where the members of the studio regularly present their work to the public.
In the course of theatre and dance theatre performances, exhibitions, concerts the audience can encounter such artistic spirit, in which the aim is not the production of cultural goods but the flow of thoughts and collaboration of people.
The performing arts programmes of the Studio are primarily the performances of Artus – Gábor Goda Company, but occasionally it invites other productions too.

Address: 1116 Sztregova utca 7
Phone: (36-1) 204 3755
E-mail: info@artus.hu

Public Transport Access:

Trams 18, 41 and 47 and busses 103, 114, 213 and 214, get of at the Hengermalom út / Fehérvári út stop